Garrett® ATX Metal Detector



    • All-terrain pulse induction technology works on land and in water
    • Waterproof to 10 ft. in both fresh and saltwater
    • Highly sensitive to even the tiniest gold nuggets
    • Iron audio feature audibly identifies iron targets
    • Motion and non-motion modes
    • Convenient one-handed operation
Garrett’s ATX Gold Detector is an all-terrain pulse induction detector that’s built for use in the most extreme environments – whether on land or underwater. The advanced pulse induction technology pulses through heavily mineralized soils with ease, and even operates in both fresh and saltwater to depths of 10 ft. to ensure you leave no inch of ground uncovered. Extreme detection capabilities make this unit highly sensitive to even the tiniest gold nuggets. Choose from motion and non-motion modes depending on the desired detection depth. An iron audio feature audibly identifies discriminated iron targets. Convenient one-hand operation keeps push-button controls right at your fingertips. Use at full length or compacted length. Easily collapses to make both transport and storage simple. Land-use headphones, instructional DVD and soft-sided carry case included.
Made in USA.
Application: Coin, relic, gold, cache, jewelry.
Length: 20″-68″.
Frequency: 18kHz.